A wallet is a crypto-currency wallet that allows, among other things, the purchase of NFT. For our sale, you have to create and connect your wallet in order to purchase a Mintpass. This Mintpass is a NFT and it will be present in your wallet.

You can check this video to install Metamask on your browser:

Make sure you write down the password of your Metamask account because without it it will not be possible to recover your account.

To buy your first NFT, you will have to buy Eth (Ethereum's cryptocurrency) and load your Metamask account.

The easiest way to load your wallet in Eth is to buy directly via Metamask with a credit card, here is a tutorial:

You can also create an account on Coinbase to buy your first Eth and then transfer it to Metamask.

For the more experienced among you, Binance is also a good exchange to load your wallet in Eth.

Then you will just have to go to the ELIKIA DIAMOND website and connect your Metamask wallet to make the transaction. You will have minted your first NFT!

A NFT is a contract of ownersship and authenticity (which will have the design of your diamond) created on the blockchain. A Mintpass is also a NFT but in our case it is used to pre-order your final NFT. When the jewels will be produced and so their NFTs, you will be able to claim your final jewellry NFT in your dashboard.


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