The New Standard for Diamond Transparency

We propose a new standard in the diamond industry with the systematic creation of an NFT physically linked to all our jewellery creations holding the certificates of origin and quality. From our own certified mine in Congo to the customer, for a better-informed purchasing decision.

Our models:

How does it work?

1. Mintpass

Buyers will be able to pre-purchase their jewel by holding a mintpass that will allow them to collect later their NFT which acts as an ownership title of Elikia’s jewel collection.

3. Jewels NFT

From this collection of 2520 jewels, an NFT will be randomly linked to one jewel inside a specific quality level and a category such as a ring, earrings or a pendant, chosen by the buyer. There are 3 levels (level 1, 2, and 3) depending on the purity, the color and size of the stones. This means that it is possible to buy an exceptional stone because the stones have random purities and sizes, although the 3 levels will avoid too big a gap.

2. Supply chain monitoring

The stones are mined in our mine in Congo where they receive their Kimberley certificate. Then the rough diamonds are sent to Elikia Diamond in Antwerp where they are sorted, cut and polished before receiving the laboratory certificate. Each stone and jewel are laser marked with a serial number from the certification laboratory.


Once the jewel is created after the production phase, the buyer will claim his NFT with his Mintpass. In addition to being an ownership certificate, this final NFT contains the official documents and the characteristics of each jewel including the serial number laser marked on the stone. Each buyer will then be able to have his jewel delivered if he wishes or they will be able to resell it.

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Q1 2022
Whitepaper Publication
Q1 2022
New Website
Q2 2022
Jewel NFT Design

Creation of 3D designs of the jewellery to be produced. These visuals will represent the mintpass corresponding to one level and one category each.

Q2 2022
INO Whitelist

Launch of the whitelist for the initial NFT offering.

Q3 2022
Private Sale

Start of mintpass sales for whitelist only.

Q3 2022
Public Sale

Start of mintpass sales for all.

Q4 2022
Investment Phase Starts

Construction kick off of the new camp for workers at the mine Mining equipment acquisition and transport
Delivery of new equipment at the mine
Extraction with the new equipment
Diamond delivery at the Antwerp office and building process for jewelry and collaboration with our first Brand Ambassador
Official launch of the jewelry brand
Welcoming clients for a special mining to jewelry experience (the peak of transparency)

Q1 2023
NFT Distribution

NFT distribution to mintpass holders

About Elikia Diamond

We started our first experience with our sister company, La Minière du Congo SARL (“Minico”), a mining company based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Province of Kasaï, in Tshikapa, well-known in the diamond industry for the quality of its diamonds, and owning a 25km² mine.

Customers showed an increased demand for transparency regarding the origins of the diamonds. With Elikia Diamond, we can ensure the whole process, i.e. from the production of high-quality rough diamonds to the manufacture of special on-demand jewelry.

When Mr. Sese Bomboko took over the mining company in 2013 from his father, the idea was to start offering jewelry with diamonds coming directly from the mine. Thus, the Elikia Diamond company in Antwerp, Belgium, was launched. With complete control of the process from the mine to the final customer, Elikia Diamond aims to bring the mining sector closer to its end customers, and advocate for transparency and traceability in general.

Mr. Bomboko’s vision is to modernize the diamond industry and set new standards in transparency and market accessibility. He is one of AWDC’s devoted ambassador.

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Each diamond has a laser engraving that is invisible to the naked eye, allowing the diamond to be linked to its NFT title which also has all the certificates of origin and authenticity. 

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